Todd Louis Green first became involved in pistol shooting while working at the Washington DC U.S. Attorney’s Office Violent Crime Section during law school. Over the next few years hobby became profession, beginning as a range officer and instructor at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia in 1997.

Todd then spent three years as the Law Enforcement Operations Manager at Beretta USA where he oversaw the Beretta Training Academy and competed as part of the Beretta Elite Team in both USPSA and IDPA competitions. Todd next worked as the Federal & Military Projects Manager at SIG-Sauer (then SIGARMS) where he also taught SIG Academy classes and shot as a member of the SIG action pistol team.

Todd has accumulated more than 1,100 hours of formal firearms training from such schools and trainers as Ken Hackathorn, Ernest Langdon, SIG Academy, and Blackwater/USTC. He has graduated Advanced four times from the prestigious Rogers Shooting School and earned two of their highly coveted Top Shooter “red pins.” Todd is a graduate of the NRA Law Enforcement Advanced Tactical Pistol Instructor Development School, a certified NRA instructor & range officer, and certified Simunition Force-on-Force instructor.

While never in the military or law enforcement himself, Todd has been an invited instructor at the US Military Academy West Point, DEA Academy, Federal Air Marshals, US Department of State Diplomatic Security, and various other military, federal, and local law enforcement academies and ranges across the US. He has been a many-times presenter at national and regional International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and National Tactical Officers Association conferences.

From 2009 to 2010, Todd was the consultant to the ATF New Weapon Solicitation, the largest non-military firearms procurement in U.S. history. Todd played a key role in developing the specifications and test protocols that led to $80M worth of pistol contract awards.

Since 2007, Todd has been the owner and chief instructor of which provides training and consulting services to military, law enforcement, and qualified private citizens across the country. The website has also been where Todd became well known for partnering with major firearms manufacturers to complete high round count pistol endurance tests.