F.A.S.T. (Fundamentals, Accuracy, & Speed Test)

designed by Todd Green

Range: 7 yards
Target: 3×5 card (head), 8″ plate (body)
Start position: weapon concealed or in duty condition with all holster retention devices active; shooter facing downrange in relaxed stance with arms down at sides
Rounds fired: 6

Shooter loads gun with a total of two rounds. On start signal, shooter draws and fires two rounds at the head target; performs a slidelock reload; and fires four rounds at the body target.

You can see the progress of the test from precise head shots, to slidelock reload, to fast body shots very well in this clip by Ernest Langdon:

YouTube Preview Image



  • 10+ seconds: Novice
  • less than 10 seconds: Intermediate
  • less than 7 seconds: Advanced
  • less than 5 seconds: Expert

If shooter is using a retention holster and flap (covered) magazine pouches, subtract 0.5 seconds from the recorded time. If shooter is using an open-top retention holster (e.g., Blackhawk SERPA or Safariland ALS) with no concealment, add 0.50 seconds to the recorded time.

The F.A.S.T. Wall of Fame, listing every pistol-training.com student who received a rank of Advanced or higher on the drill during a class.

The FASTest page, listing the current official world record for the drill as well as the top student from each pistol-training.com class.


Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.